Beard Growing Tips

Ok, so you want to grow an awesome beard. The number one rule, put away your shaver and just wait.

That’s all there is to it; well……kind of!

The fact is, there is a lot to learn about growing a beard and this guide should help the first time beardsman who doesn’t know what to expect during the process. 

One of the most impressive traits you’ll gain as a beardsman is patience. A beard is not measured in length, it’s measured in months. You’ll have a 1 month beard, 3 month beard, yeard (year-long beard), or the holy grail of beards – the terminal beard which is the maximum length your genetics will permit you to grow to.

For most, the early stage - beardless to 4 weeks proves the most challenging. You may notice that your beard gets pretty itchy, may appear patchy, and is generally shaggy and there are lots who give up at this point.

Your beard is itchy because when you shave, the sharp razor edge is creating little spears on the tips of each hair and as they get long enough to bend around and poke at your skin you will notice the itch starting. My advice for this stage is simple

“Man it up” and just wait. It’s only temporary and will pass shortly.
 Apply ample amounts of our beard oil and balm, especially in the early stubble phase. They will help to make stubble softer

At this stage, dont use a shampoo as the length is still fairly short. Use a natural bar of soap or something simple with no chemicals added to it (we will soon have our own TBBCo soap).

Once you get through the itchy phase, you’ll get to the point where your beard will look untidy. To neaten up your look, I recommend trimming the neckline, upper cheeks, and moustache lip. However, if you are going for the yeard, you should leave your beard completely untouched.


Take care, I’ve spoken to so many guys who have been a little ambitious with their razors, cut too much off and have ended up shaving the entire thing off. I’d recommend getting your barber to trim it for you.

The reality is that it’s very little of your beard that you are trimming, aim to shape a nice round curve from one ear to the next.

When trimming the moustache, its best to use a pair of scissors over clippers. This will give you a little more control and only cuts a few hairs at a time. 

If you are going for the "office look" I would aim for about 1 to 2 months of growth, keep everything trimmed and tidy. To keep the length, and if you prefer to do it yourself, I’d recommend using scissors instead of clippers. This will give you more control. Use a comb to pull out hairs to the desired length and trim away.

For those growing out the beards, this is where all the fun starts to come in. After about 2 months you’ll notice your beard does some really funky things. What was once straight and neat, becomes wavy, curly and wild. This is natural and it should be embraced as your natural beard.

Growing a beard is a wonderful experience and I believe all men should try at least once in their life. The journey will see you have a more open mind towards others, more patience, and certainly more confidence. And for once, you may feel like you belong to a brotherhood!

The final thing you need is patience. Beards take time and they will get longer – you just need to wait. Hell, the best things in life take time, right?

Ultimately, it’ll make you a better man! Do it, thank me after!