Ambassador - Turf Watson

TBBCo Beard Ambassador



Turf hails from the North Coast in Northern Ireland and has been a huge fan of The Beardy Beard Co from we first started making beards amazing! He is also a patched up Bearded Villain, something he is very proud of.


So, how long have you been growing your beard?  

 I have been growing my beard now for around 10 months I think with the monthly trim thrown in may I add.


Can you tell us about the impact your beard has had on your career and personal life? 

 The beard has had a great impact in my career and personal life. As I work in retail, I get approached a lot by people wanting to chat about it and this in turn leads me to helping the customer with what they require (so I'd defo say that's a plus). As for my social life, it's been mainly positive feedback as people want to know how long I have been growing it and what length I will grow it to. It also has had a few negative comments, for example "that makes u look homeless" or "you look really old" but to be honest that doesn't bother me in the slightest I'm thick skinned and don't get offended by it.


Would you consider shaving it off for the right job or has it now become a part of your identity? 

No, I wouldn't consider shaving my beard for the sake of a job. I feel that the beard is part of me as much as anything else it makes! I have been employed with the same employer since I have a had a bald face so the beard has developed while in this current employment.

Beards are currently huge in the fashion press. How do you feel about beards being considered a fashion accessory? 

How do I feel about beards being called a fashion accessory? I guess if there's a few famous faces growing one then that means it's a "trend" and an "accessory". However, men have had beards for the same length of time they have been in existence it has never gone away so I personally don't see it as a trend!

What’s the best part about having a beard? How much time (on average) do you spend grooming your facial fur each morning?

The best part of having a beard for me is that not everyone has one. I like the fact that you can walk into a pub and be the only "man" with a face rug! As for time spent grooming it each morning, I tend to rise for work at 3am very little grooming takes place at that point. However, when I arrive at work I apply a my oil and balm, give it a little comb through and im looking sharp the rest of the day!

Do you have any more special tips or any advice for our beard aficionados?

If I was to give advice to a man wanting to grow a beard, it is to be patient. You will not have a great beard in a couple of weeks, it does take time and also definitely invest in some quality oils and balms they do help....alot!!!!


Beards or tats (if push came to shove)? 

That's a tough one as I have quite a few tattoos. I would have to say tatts...........

Who are your ultimate bearded idols, past and present?

My Bearded idol would have to be the one and only George Best. Being from the same wee country and a Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) fan he always stood out throughout my whole life as a local legend and also had a pretty sweet beard!

Would you shave your beard off for love? 

Hell no! I have been married for 4 years and my beautiful wife would stick with me through thick and thin and would definitely never ask me to I guess I'm lucky enough to not have to shave for love!

Anything daft happen recently due to you having a beard? 

The only daft thing thing can think of happening recently because of my beard is the usual food disasters when you try and eat and you get a mouthful of hair!

What’s the worst thing about having a beard?

Worst thing about having a beard is my son, who is aged 1, likes to pull it! Not a nice feeling at all, bloody hurts!!!

Any other notable points/issues about having a beard?

Another point/issue of having a beard is you cannot have spaghetti bologneise, or soup, or anything that's quite runny in's not a pretty sight trust me!!!