Ambassador - Stephen Short

 I'd like to introduce to you our third TBBCo Beard Ambassador…




Stephen Short, or Shorty to his friends is a 29 year old father of 1 - Kara 1yo. He currently works as an IT Analyst, which means he gets paid for something he loves. (Sitting on Facebook all day? - Pete)

He recently popped the question to his amazing girlfriend Kerryanne & we have beautiful 1 year old daughter named Kara.

In his spare time he fancies himself as a bit of a skateboarder (getting too old for it as well as a keen gamer.

He also considers himself a bit of a socialite (IT girl?...90's reference) and loves nothing more than getting out and about.


So, how long have you been growing your beard?

I guess, officially from December 1st 2014. I trimmed my beard to stubble and grew a tache for Movember and decided, come then, I would grow it out. Become a man. 

I always used a trimmer to trim down to a 'boy beard' so thought it was about time I manned up.



Can you tell us about the impact your beard has had on your career and personal life? Does everybody like it?

 It has been very positive! Everyone thinks I really suit it & keep asking how long am I going to let it grow.


 Would you consider shaving it off for the right job or has it now become a part of your identity?

I feel that any job that demands you change your personal appearance is asking you to change yourself & that's not the type of place I'd like to work.


Beards are currently huge in the fashion press. How do you feel about beards being considered a fashion accessory?

I feel a beard makes a person, not just fancies up their face but if it gets more people growing their chinsulation then I say call it what you wish.


What’s the best part about having a beard?

For me it gives me a daily sense of achievement watching it grow more & more in beauty.


How much time (on average) do you spend grooming your facial fur each morning?

Honestly not long at all, a bit of TBBCo balm and I'm good to go!



Do you have any more special tips or any advice for our beard aficionados?

The main thing in the early stages is push past the itch. Get yourself some TBBC oil, balm & comb, treat your beard daily & most of all, love your beard


Beards or tats (if push came to shove)?

Well you can't have a Big Mac without the buns but if push came to shove I can easily regrow a beard but tats are a little harder to grow :P (How cute is Stephen, he thought tats was a polite way of asking t*ts, He blames it on a busy day at work. I, on the otherhand, think he is maybe just obsessed with boobies...)


Who are your ultimate bearded idols, past and present?

Past would be the late Ryan Dunn, I was a massive jackass fan back in the day & loved how glorious his beard was.

Present would be Cliftonville FC Goalkeeper Conor Devlin simply because people call me his doppelganger


Would you shave your beard off for love?

Nope, my fiancée has threatened to shave it in my sleep which I have told her she would woke up with a 'Hulk Hogan' haircut if she did.


Anything daft happen recently due to you having a beard?

Well on my Instagram I was mistakened for a hobo someone saw on a train 6 years ago... Pretty random I know but it's the only thing that springs to mind.




What’s the worst thing about having a beard?

The reoccurring nightmares about being clean shaven.