Ambassador - Mike Walker

TBBCo Beard Ambassador



Mike hails from County Armagh in Northern Ireland and has been No 1 fan of The Beardy Beard Co from we first started making beards amazing! He is also a patched up Bearded Villain, something he is very proud of. He is perhaps the coolest 50 something we know......even though he supports Spurs.


So, how long have you been growing your beard?  

18 months with my full beard. I had a goatie on & off over 9 years before.



Can you tell us about the impact your beard has had on your career and personal life? 


I feel more assured in myself and 90% of my family & friends say they cant imagine me without, as for work they are cool with it.


Would you consider shaving it off for the right job or has it now become a part of your identity? 

No! Its not only part of my identity, its my lifestyle.


Beards are currently huge in the fashion press. How do you feel about beards being considered a fashion accessory? 

How do I feel about beards being called a fashion accessory? Mine isn't a trend, its here until i am in a box.....


What’s the best part about having a beard? How much time (on average) do you spend grooming your facial fur each morning?

Its the ultimate statement of being a true man....and my wife loves it. I spend about 10 minutes in the morning grooming.


Do you have any more special tips or any advice for our beard aficionados?

If I was to give advice to a man wanting to grow a beard, keep it clean and groomed and your beard will thrive.



Beards or tats (if push came to shove)? 

I have over 30 tats,but I wouldn't get anymore if it meant losing my beard.


Who are your ultimate bearded idols, past and present?

Grizzley Adams and Bill Oddie (RIP)


Would you shave your beard off for love? 

Love my beard! Simple.

Anything daft happen recently due to you having a beard? 

I spilled egg down the front of it and my lovely work mates never let on.....nice

What’s the worst thing about having a beard?

I hate getting it trimmed, feel i'm letting it down.


Any other notable points/issues about having a beard?

I have become friends with fellow bearded men from local to across the world so its all good.